Sunday, August 29, 2004

Freaky Mosquitoes

Tonight the mosquitoes in the car were "freaky" according to Zach. It was like a swampy breeding ground when we started to leave the farm tonight. We probably had 12 mosquitoes in the van. I had to pull over and spray all the children and myself with the Deep Woods Off. We're talking the good stuff here. 25% DEET. And we still got a bite or two each. The van sat on the side of the road as the children & I killed about 8 of the mosquitoes. I got a couple driving down the road but then I had to pay attention more and just watched as they flitted in and out of my line of vision. Itchy!

The update is we stayed at Poppy's (my stepdad) farm for 2 nights. Hung out the first day and explored. The 2nd day we went into Boston to the Aquarium. The boys loved the giant tank in the middle just as I did as a kid. We arrived at the perfect time. Caught the jellies exhibit (they look pretty cool when you don't have to worry about them stinging you.) and watched them feed one species of jelly. I can't remember which kind it was. Not the little blue ones. Not the giant ones. The guy actually stuck his arm in and squeezed the food out of a baster into the jellies' tentacle area. Then the jellies pulled it to them. Amazing. They would drift right by his arm. The boys couldn't believe he would put his arm up to the elbow right in the tank.

The highlight was watching the divers feed the shark in the big tank with a fish on a stick. The sea turtles were very cool. The boys named all the animals that were in Finding Nemo. The giant turtle was Crush and the smaller one Squirt. It went on and on.

That night (last night) we stayed at Uncle Mike's. (my brother) The boys were in video game heaven. Today it was hang with Mike and go to a BBQ at the farm. This is where we picked up the mosquito swarm.

Now the boys are in bed. Showered. Ready to get up and play a last game or two while I pack the car AGAIN (4th time this trip). After I'm done it is off to pick up Grammy, say goodbye to Poppy, go visit my dad and head back home.

It's been a great trip but I am ready to go home. I need a vacation...

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