Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Things To-Do/Things to File

My to-do list is officially longer than my arm.

A full day home yesterday and somehow nothing got done other than the kids trashing the playroom. Not quite sure what happened.

Actually, my to-do list is shrinking. Tyler woke up at 4am with some issue (he wasn't sure what it was). I think he may have been sleepwalking/talking. He can't remember it. However, it caused me to rise from bed and re-situate him, turn on sound machine, etc. At 4:53 am I realized sleep was alluding me and got up. Now the kitchen is clean, dishes done, laundry almost finished, papers gone through, to-do list added to, phone calls made, e-mail checked. Unfortunately, the to-list goes on and on and on.

Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses asked how you keep papers organized. I let her know my system and then thought I'd share it here. After all, last year I discovered a system that worked and it wouldn't be fair to keep it to myself.

To control the mountains of paper the children bring into the house I hung plastic file folders on the wall in the kitchen (across from the calendar). Each person in the family has one. Each file gets a "SAVE" folder, a "Look at Me" folder, and any other they need (Sunday School, Sports/band, etc). All papers go into the LAM folder upon arrival to the house. After both parents look at the papers they get filed: garbage (many) or SAVE. Phone lists, bus passes, other school info goes into the SAVE folder as well as art projects and impressive writings. After the SAVE folder gets a bit full and you can't cram any more papers into the file it is time to move them into a box. When the LAM folder is jammed full it is time to take it out and hand it to your husband. You then demand he look at everything RIGHT NOW otherwise you will dispose of it before he gets a chance to see it. This usually works when he gets behind.

Carmen asked other questions about organizing your young but I have no answers for her. Check it out. Maybe you have some helpful info. And if you do, TELL ME!

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