Tuesday, August 17, 2004



You're Albus Dumbledore! You're wise (one might say

wise beyond your years, except you're

150...)You are an excellent judge of character

and people are always coming to you for advice.

You tend to be a bit eccentric, but that makes

everyone love you even more. Hey- when you go

back to your office, would you give my best to

the Sorting Hat?

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz

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Am I really that old? I mean the children do call me "Oldwife". (It's a kind of fish in their underwater alphabet book. They find it hysterically funny.) I don't like it when they do it & I certainly don't like it when the computer says it. As for the wisdom Dumbledore displays... not really me. I'm guessing I'm more like... well, I don't know. Hagrid? No, I'm not so fond of dangerous animals. Ron? Sounds a bit more like me. But I answered the questions truthfully so... maybe I'll let myself be a tad delusional for a while. I'm Dumbledore!
Almost forgot... JKR's offical site - loads of fun!

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Anonymous said...

I guess Fred or George Weasley (me) is better than, say Snape who I expected to be. It's probably how the kids see me.