Monday, August 16, 2004

Renaissance Festival

It was our 12th trip to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. The 11th anniversary of Jeff's & my first date. I'm not one to remember dates but that one always sticks in my mind. I always use the festival as a marker of what has happened in the last year.

Year 1: 1st date

Year 2: wedding day (we eloped)

Year 3: New baby (Alex)

Year 4: VERY pregnant & we had a new house

Year 5: Another new baby (Tyler)

Year 6: Pregnant

Year 7: Another new baby (Dylan)

Year 8: Yet another new baby (Zach) & getting ready to move into new, bigger house & have nervous breakdown

Year 9: 1 kid entering kindergarten, 1 entering 1st grade & 1 entering pre-school - Life is looking up.

Year 10: "School starts soon, right?"

Year 11: 1 kid entering preschool, 1 entering kindergarten, 1 entering 2nd grade, 1 entering 3rd grade - Life is looking marvelous!

Year 12: Lots of whining at festival. I keep counting, "How many more days until school starts???"

Next year... I vote we leave the kids home!

~24 days until school starts!!!~


Anonymous said...

isn't this a family outing?? Kids are getting to the age of Seabreeze, not festivals.....gosmmy

Anonymous said...

Never give up on the Ren Faires. It's my family's favorite treat. You, of course, have found a special way to use the festival (I didn't realize it was a fertility marker.) Cheers.

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