Monday, September 6, 2004

3 More Days!!!

Yes, 3 more days until school starts. I'm starting to get very excited. I am also conflicted so I am taking a poll. You must all give your thoughts on this:
  1. Should I use the first 2 days of school to get caught up on overdue housework?
  2. Should I use the time to write?
  3. Should I use the time to wallow in my freedom, read books and do nothing productive?
Now if you haven't realized, school starts on a Thursday here. I have 2 days and then the weekend. I'm thinking of putting off housework until next week.

This week & weekend are hideously busy. Gymnastics starts tomorrow, check-up at the doctor's for one of the kids, more gymnastics, carpet cleaning at nursery school (never did get to that), hubby's birthday (and his sister's), community festival, etc.

So... what do YOU think I should do on the wonderful, free 1st day of school?

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