Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Laundry List

Two more days and my life is reading like a laundry list. (By the way, why is it called a laundry list? I do not make lists related to my laundry. If anyone can answer this question, PLEASE DO!)

Visit school/teachers - The children are up nights, having meltdowns, not sleeping, fighting, crying all in an extreme way that tells me they are anxious about school. Don't get me wrong, they all love school. They are excited about their new teachers. They have all their "stuff" ready to go. Still, 2 more days...

Gymnastics - yes, it starts this week. We are moving up from once a week to twice a week for 2 hours instead of 1 1/2. Also had to throw in a dance class. Tyler is in a preparation class so he can someday join the center's team. Ugh! What have we gotten into?

Doctor's check up for Tyler. (remember he just had a birthday? Forgot to make the appointment until the day before his birthday.)

Start preparing for Hammie U. - Online friends are putting together a novel retreat for us less experienced children's writers. Classes start soon. Assignments start now. So exciting!

Must stop all this and get on with my day! Starting the list now...

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