Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Blog Housekeeping

  1. I'm removing my guest blogger's privileges. Yes Mike, you're out. Not because I don't enjoy your blogs, but you never post. If you ever want to again, let me know and I'll add you back on.
  2. Come on people... COMMENT. I'm getting lonely here.
  3. Picked up my photos from the trip today. Still have to scan some in and load them up. You should see them by next weekend at the latest. The nature shots will be added to the photoblog, the kids will be linked to here.
  4. I'm TIRED! I find myself staring into space and it's difficult to pull it back. Got all of my To-Do list done (amazing) except for shampooing the nursery school carpet. Can't do that until 7pm when my co-cleaner shows up with the keys. As soon as that is done... I'm GOING TO BED! (fingers crossed that it's closer to 9 than 10 - I hope I make it that long.)

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