Wednesday, October 6, 2004


First, I figured out what happened with the people who couldn't see the new posts. I messed something up the other day on my home page but I fixed it this a.m. So, hello again to everyone who has been away.

And now for the questions (great questions by the way, THANK YOU, no need for me to cry now)...

From Carmen:

1. 24 hrs. to myself - sleep, read a book, sleep, watch a movie, read another book.

2. Christmas - no idea, do you have any thoughts on this?

3. Hardest part of having lots of kids - not enough time to spend 1-on-1 with them, they can't do as many activities. I'd say time and $$. I know you didn't ask but, the best part is they have each other & it's fun.

4. Coffee - 2 Splenda & lots of milk. (coffee must be strong to support all of it though)

5. Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee, that's usually it.

From CursingMama:

1. One wish, have to be greedy - hmmm... extreme home makeover

2. Sworn in front of the kids - hell yes... oops.

3. Sworn at the kids - Does, "Get your ass over here." count? I didn't scream it in a rage but said it to get the older ones' attention (twice).

4. What did I say - Let's see... ass (as mentioned above), damn (a lot), hell, I think I once said shit. Maybe I should be called CursingMama.

From Clare:

1. Alex & Tyler bunking together - We put them in the same room when I was 2 months pregnant. Tyler was 18 months and moving from the crib to the big boy bed. They loved it. No bribing necessary.

From Ty:

You are right - straight to hell.

1. The 2 trains would most likely have to travel on the same track because I have never seen more than one set of tracks traveling the same path for long distances. SO, they could not leave at the same time and arrive at the same time. One would derail and many people would die.

2. Not sure why the rectangle is growing. Makes me a bit nervous. Must go eat banana bread.

3. The car is driving WAY over the speedlimit. You didn't give me the exact time spent waiting on the side of the road while getting a ticket so I can't do the calculations.

From Cath:

1. Any more children - NO

2. girl? - would have been nice but now I'm hoping for a niece

From BJC:

1. Life w/out kids - I have no idea. I really wanted kids. I hope I would've had a rockin' career in the art/writing world. The problem is, I'd have no inspiration to write kids' books w/out the boys.

2. Without a computer - crouched in the corner, mumbling to myself & swatting at imaginary flies.

You all are welcome to submit more questions. This was fun and enlightening for me as well as you. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful questions. What food do you all want? (We ate the banana bread already - but I'll make more.)

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