Thursday, January 20, 2005

And Even Better...

Returned from the doctor's with much good news:

Dylan is all better. All his blood work is normal and so is his liver. Yay for Dylan! No more mono.

I do not have mono. Did you hear me? NO MONO! YAY! Seems I've been so tired because my anemia is acting up. Low blood levels. The physician's assistant seemed a bit worried since they are quite low but it usually happens about once a year. A couple of steaks and I should be doing much better. (I know, I know. If I would just take the damn iron pills I'd be fine. But if I take the iron, then I'd have to take other stuff to go... you know... potty. And that is just no fun! So, no iron pills just some good old red meat for me!)

Zach seems to just have a virus. So far. He is now napping. Yes, I said NAPPING! He hasn't done that since the last time he was sick. Whooohooo for me. Oh, and him.

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