Monday, January 3, 2005

Goal Update

Before the year proceeds too far and I forget all about my goals (any day now), I thought I'd give you all a little update on reaching my goals as seen here...
  1. Just found out the position I applied for is filled.
  2. Am still re-evaluating writing career. Not looking good.
  3. Haven't started baby book for FOUR-year-old. (Have discussed this with him. Had to PROMISE to do it. He asked where his was while his brothers were looking at theirs.)
  4. Must find photos.
  5. HA!
  6. Kitchen clean, laundry done, tree still up.
  7. Took older 2 boys to movie yesterday. (Series of Unfortunate Events)
  8. Biggest blow-out at kids EVER. Last night. No yelling today.
  9. Took some photos today. I have PROOF! HA! (check out my photoblog)
  10. I have lost 2 pounds. Yes, 2 pounds. Probably because I limited my chocolate intake to 5 M&M's yesterday. Too bad I made banana nut bread today. It is SO good! (PS. Thank you Skatemom. I froze the rest of the bananas.)
  11. I did an HOUR of yoga today. Yes, for real. Not kidding. (You probably won't hear from me tomorrow because I will not be able to pull myself out of bed from the severe pain I will be experiencing.)
That is all for my update. Stay tuned for more updates and future failings of goals.

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