Friday, January 21, 2005

Kid Conversation

SCENE: Dylan walking up driveway in an odd fashion after school.

ME: wave him in, it's COLD 
DYLAN: shakes his head no, looks down and continues to walk in a strange, bizarre waddle 
ME: "Are you liking those boots?" (long story involving usual stealing of his brother's boots) 
DYLAN: "I'm making tracks. Like Peter in the Snowy Day." 
ME: heart weeps in total love "Ohhhh." 
DYLAN: "Don't they look just like Peter's?" working very hard to point feet in then out 
ME: "Yes, they do." more weeping of my heart 
DYLAN: looking back at his tracks "They DO look just like Peter's tracks." beams 
ME: Run to computer to blog about it

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