Saturday, January 8, 2005

Life's Looking Up

Yesterday I was looking for the truck to come and finish me off. The fever came back and I was welcoming death.

I couldn't take anything too strong because life as a mom has its priorities. Things like taking your 6-year-old for an abdominal ultrasound (normal) then taking him to have more blood work because the first round came back with some unhealthy signs.

Between trips with the kids I curled up under many blankets and shivered. When most of my parenting duties were filled I called my husband, told him to come home now and begged the 10-year-old to pour everyone a bowl of cereal for dinner.

I curled up under many blankets in bed and shivered until my husband arrived. When I knew he was in charge I took my blessed Tylenol PM. Blissful sleep. Blissfully ache-free. When the fever broke, I woke and whipped off the blankets and half of the layers I was wearing. This morning I'm feeling a hundred times better.

After a trip to the gymnastics center in heavy snow, lunch at Panera with my two oldest (mmmm... Panera Bread, "They have the best bread in the world here," said Alex. He means this literally in all his 10-year-old worldly knowledge.) we inched our way home in the continuing snow. The kids are out playing. It is the best snow for playing. Large amounts of sticky, perfect for snowballs snow.

Off to take some photos...

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