Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday Update

I might as well admit I used up my allotment of cleverness for the year on my Ode to Tylenol PM. Seems it will be a long, dull year for anyone reading. Sorry about that.

One another note, Sharon over at Adventures of a Domestic Engineer created a beautiful painting inspired by one of my photographs. Go check it out!

Now my 2005 Goal update:
  1. No job yet.
  2. Still re-evaluating writing career.
  3. Baby book for Zach... Ha!
  4. Found 5 boxes of photos to organize. I'm sure there are other packets of photos lurking about the house. Organized 1.5 boxes chronologically before illness fell me.
  5. Update kids' albums... Ha ha!
  6. Home started to win battle while I was ill. Have spent weekend with hubby trying to take it back.
  7. Do more with children... well, if lying on couch and asking them to quiet down is more - than yes, I'm doing more with them.
  8. Yell less... can't yell, makes me cough. YAY! Success.
  9. Take more photographs... Yes!
  10. Lose weight... I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds repeatedly since the new year began - so yes, I have lost weight.
  11. Exercise more... did yoga for one hour last week. Success! I have exercised more than last year. I will try again today. Little worried about hacking up a body part as it seems they are trying to escape through my oral cavity the last few days. Am making it through by envisioning the firm upper abdominals I will be sporting by the time the cough is gone.

Technically I have accomplished half of my 2005 goals. Looks like a banner year. Now I can go back to my regular underachieving self.

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