Saturday, February 19, 2005

Kid Conversation

Scene: Zach at Jeff's office a few moments ago.
 ZACH: "Dad, I'm bored."
 DAD: "Well, you can color."
 ZACH: "NO. Remember? I'm bored."
 ZACH AGAIN: "Bored means you don't want to do anything." 
 A couple minutes later as he realizes Jeff is IM-ing me. He starts dictating to Jeff... 
ZACH: "Dad, I'm tired. I want to go home and rest on the couch"
ZACH: "I want to tell you to tell Mom."
ZACH: "Say I Love You."
ZACH: "Is there an E on the computer keys?"
ZACH: "Are you having a good time? Love Zach"
JEFF: "Tell her you're going to eat you sandwich so you can have some popcorn."
ZACH: "No."
ZACH: "Are we going to go to Nana's big house? I want to go to the little house. I like the little house more than the big house. Now press SEND!" 
ZACH: "I want to say to mom....'Hi Heidi. My name is Zach. Are you having a good time?' Alright Dad? Alright? ALRIGHT?"

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