Thursday, February 24, 2005

Vacation OVER!

First day back after vacation and I have a child sick at home. I might not have believed him but he is willing to miss his gymnastics class today to stay home. That NEVER happens. I'm guessing he really is unwell.

So, since today will be spent at home serving a sick child and entertaining Zach I have decided to write my synopsis for the mid-grade novel I wrote. I was not going to enter the W.I.N. contest over at Smartwriters this year but... why not? I have some very good friends who placed last year and they have serious interest in the manuscripts now. (Not that they wouldn't anyway. They are fabulous books!) Anyway, it is a great way to possibly get your manuscript seen by an editor. If any of you write children's books and you have a polished manuscript - enter.

I know I said I was quitting the children's writing game but I figure I'll enter this year's contests with the manuscripts I've got hanging around. Then I can be done with it all when I get no feedback but a list of winners I'm not included in. Ah, the sound of optimism.

Anyway, off to write my synopsis. Anyone know how to write one? I've always written picture books. No need for a synopsis. Now I have this mid-grade and I have to do one. HELP!

Seriously, anyone know how to do it? Want to help me?

UPDATE (1:46 pm): Synopsis written. Entry sent. I know I should have waited a day and reread it. I didn't. The thing is gone. No getting it back. If I wait, I tinker forever and then chicken out. So bye-bye entry. And good luck...

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