Tuesday, March 8, 2005

10 Things I've Done (That You Probably Haven't)

  1. Crushed my hand in a door. It was flat as paper. Nothing broken.
  2. Almost drowned. Twice.
  3. Was an au pair at 15 on Fire Island.
  4. Spent an evening in a piano/gay bar in NYC listening to a guy sing a song about being a transvestite (dressed in men's clothing). Tony Bennett's daughter also sang.
  5. Was kicked out of Grand Central Station (by the police) at 3 a.m. while singing Lean On Me with harmony.
  6. Moved across country by myself. Just because.
  7. Dreamed about someone for years and then met them.
  8. Put together a gallery show of my photographs. (and survived the opening)
  9. Met my husband, got married, had 4 kids & 2 houses. All in 7 years. (before I was 30)
  10. Read a book while being prepped for surgery.

I did it! Ten things. Some more unique than others. I still believe... I'm too dull for words.

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