Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Easter Candy

I'm still up to my armpits in parent/teacher conferences and book fairs and preparing for Easter. And now, I said NOW, the school has thrown in two 1/2 days and two days off of school. So I have loads to do and I must do it while children fight and make messes and demand my attention.

The good news? I bought the candy during the short time everyone was at school today. Lots and lots of candy.

You may all point and laugh and call me names now. Do it! I have put back on two of the five pounds I lost. After today I am expecting to weigh more than when I started. Why you ask? Why? My all-time favorite candy is now residing in my kitchen. I have already eaten enough of it to make me ill. I'm sure I'll be feeling better later though.

What is this mystery candy you ask? The kind you can only get at Easter? ...Peeps? Who said that? NO! Ewww! I HATE Peeps. ...Cadbury Eggs? Who are you people? Eww again!

Robins Eggs. Full size. Made by Hershey. Only. Mmmmmm...


Do NOT buy any substitutes. The other day I could not find any 'real' Robins Eggs and I bought, **gasp**, the horror, Malted Eggs by Necco. NEVER DO THIS. They are repulsive. The candy coating? Like some kind of frosting. The first one I ate made me gag. A few minutes later I thought maybe it was only because it wasn't what I was expecting. A bit like drinking oj when you're expecting milk. So I tried another. I repeat, NEVER DO THIS. The frostingish coating is hiding a spongy malt center. Not hard like it should be. No hard, THIN candy coating. REPULSIVE. So bad I gave them all to the children after they sat in my car for THREE DAYS and I didn't eat a single one. They were THAT BAD. Candy within reach and I didn't eat it. And in the car no less which we all know means it doesn't count. (OBSCURE RULE: Any food eaten while driving does not count. It is like it never happened. Even better if wrappers are hidden or disposed of immediately.)

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