Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mission Complete

The child has been exposed to chicken pox. Now we must wait. He was a bit hesitant but since he loves to play with Libby he got over his shyness. I'm hoping there were enough germs transferred to start the incubation process. For good measure we had the little boy of the house suck on Zach's water bottle before we left.

Zach proclaimed as we were leaving, "I didn't get the chicken pox."

hee, hee. Let's just wait 10-14 days and see.

I on the other hand woke with a sinus headache. I think I've been more sick this winter than any other. EVER. WTF? I'm a bit tired of all the illness.

The good news? Tyler's mono is gone. Strap throat appears to be gone from Dylan & Zach. Alex seems he@lthy. Now if everyone could just STAY he@lthy until the much awaited outbreak of chicken pox.

PS- Some weird thing is happening causing words to become links I don't want. Not sure what is going on so I've put them in disguise. (I feel like such a spy.)

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