Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Today is a Good Day (So Far)

I'll start with my morning...
I descended the stairs to find my slippers waiting for me at the bottom. All set-up for me to slip my feet into. The dishwasher had been run. My juice was poured. Even the curtains were opened. My oldest was ready for school. All I had to do was sign his notebook.

When I opened my e-mail I found what I have been waiting 4 1/2 years for...
Someone I know has a kid with chicken pox. So tomorrow I will be taking my youngest and rubbing him up and down said child in hopes he will contract the disease. Really. I'm not making this up.

My oldest two caught the itchy disease at the young ages of 2 and 9 mos. I've been trying to get the other two exposed so we can avoid the vaccine. I just can't see having them get it then have to get a booster every 10 years for the rest of their lives. Okay, I can make them go at 15. But what about 25? I have never met a 25 year-old guy who would go get a booster shot. I mean come on. And chicken pox is so much worse to contract as an adult. I say let them get it while they're young.

I will concede that my 6 y/o got the vaccine at the age of 4. He has asthma and since everyone is getting the vaccine and no one actually GETS the chicken pox anymore (and when they do they refuse to tell me so I can expose my children - they all think I'm joking) I was advised to have him get it. Besides, he was getting ready for kindergarten and it is practically required nowadays.

I have been holding out hope for Zach though. And YAY! that I did. And YAY! that I have a friend who took me seriously and offered up her youngest. So now we are planning the big Contagious Disease Contraction Day tomorrow.
I told Zach this morning that I was taking him to catch chicken pox tomorrow. 
He looked at me askew and said, "So I'll be all itchy?" 
And I said, "Yes." 
And he said, "And I will take a bath?" 
And I said, "Yes, with oatmeal in it." 
And he looked at me all askew again. Then he asked where his Oreo for 'O' day was.

So wish me luck. Tomorrow is an important day in the MoMMY clan. Tomorrow I try to have my kid catch a contagious disease.

**Side note: Can anyone tell me why if you catch chicken pox you are never suppose to get it again but if you get the vaccine it wears off? Not getting this.

**Little known fact: I got the chicken pox THREE TIMES! Yes, I am a freak.

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