Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Week

Since last week's goal update:

  • One kid getting over mono
  • Two kids with strep
  • Eleventy million trips from couch to kitchen & back (with juice, water, medicine, etc.) 
  • Two trips to the doctors
  • Lost 5 pounds
  • Did yoga for strength and pilates (advanced level pilates- except for modified roll-ups)
  • Kept sink clean, planned meals for the month, kept up with the laundry
  • Had a photo shoot in the kitchen
  • Discovered new downfall to diet - cinnamon almonds - yum! 
  • Got concussion when youngest slammed his rock-hard head into my chin while I was picking him up
  • Applied for two more jobs
  • Applied for writing grant
  • Finished knitting a scarf
  • My first knitting project EVER
  • Knit a gator
  • Stayed up too late
  • Got a flower from a stranger

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