Monday, April 11, 2005


First, eww! Moms should not comment on such things to their children. Even grown children who are married and a mother of four. Eww! And so early in the a.m.

Second, that rambling post? Sorry. I was up until 3:30. Unable to sleep. (And again, eww Mom!) So of course I woke up late and Alex got up late and I got a whopping 3.5 hours of sleep. Definitely not enough.

But now? Now I am showered and dressed and trying to shove the middle two children onto the bus (where is the damn bus anyway?) and just waiting to take the littlest little to preschool so I can TAKE A NAP.

Take a nap and be ready to pick the little up from school and go grocery shopping. But first SLEEP. because I am so tired and even though I am on my second cup of coffee it is not helping and I am spilling things and not functioning well. I think I need a coffee IV.

And further proof I need sleep... still rambling.

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