Friday, May 27, 2005


Things have been mad I tell you. Just MAD.

Right now I have many young boys running around. Both of the human and canine variety. It is crazy.

I've also been matting photos and making cards. Still so much to do before tomorrow. (Have I mentioned I'm doing a craft show? Tomorrow?) It is actually called a 'art and lawn sale'. Come to find out that means people will be holding their yard sales all in the same place. Not a promising place for selling art.

Oh, well. Good practice and all. The other two shows I'm doing are in July. Gives me time to perfect my craft.

Must give a shout out to my friend Janine. I'm fairly certain she doesn't read my blog but in case... THANK YOU!!! The mat cutter has been a life saver. It is going so well. I've only messed up one mat so far. (The first one) ONE. I rock! (and so do you)

Now I must get back to my dining room table which is COVERED with supplies. 24 hours until set up time...

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