Saturday, May 28, 2005

Send Me Your Happy Thoughts

I knew I would miss it. It was bound to happen. My first blogiversery was Wednesday. YAY!

Granted, there are times it has sucked the big one. There are also times I question why I'm doing it. And who is my intended audience. And what should I share and what should I keep to myself. But as in most of my life (and art) I'm doing what I always do... letting it evolve on it's own. A work in progress. Things always seem to work out better that way.

In other news...
My entry into the public eye is today. This meaning, of course, my real person, in the flesh, out there to be scorned and shot down face-to-face. I must set-up for the sale in THREE. HOURS.

Scary. And the work isn't finished.

Now you are asking - Why is she blogging when she should be getting ready?

Well first, anyone who blogs knows why. Obviously I am procrastinating a bit. And what better way to do that then blow off some tension on the ol' blog?

Second, look at the time. FIVE: TWENTY-ONE. That is EARLY people. My fingers are not yet working. The caffeine is not yet to the brain. I figure the typos are easy enough to fix. Mat cutting... not so much. Oh, and with my luck and the state of my coordination at this moment, I might lose a finger or two.

Now, if you are asking why the work isn't finished. Why didn't I stay up half the night working? I'll tell you...

Last night I had a trip to the emergency room with Zach. He is fine. Not to worry. I overreacted. Which happens occasionally. Not often. But it does happen. And here I go admitting my mortification to the whole internet. (I told you the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.)

His toe was run over by the neighbor boy's 'motorcycle'. The boy is seven so the motorcycle is more of a motorized, lightweight bike. But still. There was much blood. A severe lack of skin on the end of the toe. And yes, those were his screams that you heard around 5:30 pm EST.

He was LOUD. And it lasted an unusually long period of time (for him). And when I asked him to move it the walls shook and plaster crumbled and car alarms went off. The doctor suggested an x-ray.

As I got in the car Jeff told me it was nothing. I would be paying for them to clean it out. Well, he was right. Of course. We soaked his foot in soapy water. (At this point I realized my foolish ways.) They did some x-rays. Then came the bacitracin and a bandaid. I am too lame for words.

Needless to say... I went to bed when I got home. After eating half the kitchen.

And a bit of trivia...
It seems this is the time of year for injury in this house. One year ago today Dylan got his stitches. Now you can barely see the scar. Unless he smiles. Then he has a huge dimple. Too cute.

And now...
I must get on to the work. Keep your fingers crossed that I still have fingers when you read this. They still aren't working properly but time is running out.

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