Sunday, May 15, 2005

To Do Update

I know you've all been dying to know how my to-do list has gone. You have, haven't you? No? Well, too bad. Click away if you must.

Since I'm writing this instead of a decent post you'll have realized my goal of finding something interesting to write about has not been met. Actually, things have crossed my mind and quickly been banished to make room for baseball schedules and field trip schedules and all those other Spring time/child related things. As for some of the other goals...

I did do the dishes, get caught up on the laundry and sand the vestibule floor.

I even mowed the weeds lawn before the rains came.

I also returned the library books, started the kitchen floor (No, I didn't finish it. Who do you think I am? Wonder Woman? Super Cleaner Lady? HA!), started sanding the front door and went to a movie with Alex (National Treasure - fun, fun, fast moving).

I am still waiting for mats and photos and still taking photos (although not as many).

I also bought myself a new shirt and pair of pants to fit my huge ass & chest for the upcoming conference. (No, nothing - I mean NOTHING - fits anymore. Not even the fat pants.)

As for eating? One good day, one bad. No way to tell yet how it will all pan out. I am considering attending a Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Has anyone ever been to one? Anyone willing to tell me what it's like? (You can e-mail me privately if you want.)

Jeff and I also cleaned the two littles' room yesterday and set up one of the bunkbeds. We also realized we need a couple more items before setting up the other. So no bunkbeds until a later date. Their room is clean and rearranged though. All in all - all good. (Could I say all a few more all times?)

Must go locate the littles. They have been abducted by the neighbor boys and the sky is darkening as we speak I write type. It is looking v. dark and sinister out right now. Must rescue them from impending doom. (It's the sky. I swear. Making me feel like the end is near.)

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