Friday, June 24, 2005


All these posts have me thinking about my childhood. Sort of the point I guess. Also a great writing exercise.

It actually took me days to do those posts. DAYS.

They have left me sorting through those long lost memories. I found the '5 things I miss' difficult because I don't miss most of what I remember. I had to keep shoving the 'things I'm grateful are gone' thoughts out and try to pull out the good things. I won't say they came flooding back but the more I thought about it the more memories came back. It's definitely something I may revisit in the future when I start writing again. Great way to mine for ideas.

The poem was difficult because I don't remember much more than the horrible teen angst that I'd prefer to forget. This too brought back many memories the more I thought about it. I won't say it was easy... definitely not. But a great exercise and a great way to force back the memories I've buried.

Anyone else up for mining their memories?

On another note of childhood...

Today is day 3 of summer vacation. The kids are all still alive and we are slowly getting into our summer schedules. I figure once we have it down, new activities will be introduced and everything will change. Ah, such is life.

Baseball is in high gear since Alex made the all-star team. Every night is practice or a game. I am going to miss all the all-star games because they are taking place while I'm in St. Louis. I'm sad about this but Alex seems fine. He says he makes his best hits when I'm not there. So there's that.

They have also extended the regular season because of all the rain and flooding we had. The only problem with that is soccer starts next week. When baseball is suppose to be over. When I won't be here. When Alex & Tyler & Zach all have practice at the same time on different fields. When Alex will have a baseball game at yet another set of fields. 1 adult, 4 kids, 3 fields, 1 child who must replicate himself. hmmm... not sure how this is going to work.

Max just took his food bowl into the laundry room, laid down and ate the rest of his breakfast. Can we all say LAZY?

Another scheduling conflict is tomorrow. 1 boy has 1st all-star game 20 minutes away. Starting a 9 in the morning. 1 boy has gymnastics 45 minutes away (in the opposite direction) starting at 12:30. I need to be at the airport at 1 (25 minutes in yet another direction). 2 children that need supervision. Extended family: 2 working. 2 not sure.

I think my husband should take over the scheduling NOW. Don't you? Good practice for while I'm gone.

Max is now playing with his bowl in the playroom. ATTACK!

The kids are dressed, breakfasted and brushed (teeth). YAY! Now it's my turn...

*updated to add: I still have not started packing. I'm sure I have plenty of time for that. **cough, cough**

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