Friday, June 17, 2005

Hee, Hee, Hee

Today I am feeling gleeful in my embarrassment of my oldest. Yes. I'm a cruel, cruel parent.

I horrified him. Embarrassed him. He RAN from me. And I'm laughing.

He accused me of being cruel. Begged me to not perpetrate this crime against him. Insisted I could not do this to him. But I did.

And I laughed about it. And the school secretary laughed. And she told me more ways to mortify my children. And I thanked her.

And now to explain...
I told the children years ago that if they missed the bus through their not getting their butts in gear that I would wear my pj's and fuzzy pink slippers into school to sign them in. All their friends would see and laugh and point.

Today is the first time I had a chance to do this. I ended up keeping the fuzzy slippers in my bag. But NEXT. TIME. I told him. Next time I will wear them too. Ha, ha, ha! This time I wore only my pj pants and a regular shirt. (and even a bra & sandals) What is there to complain about?

To further horrify him, I asked if I should buy a nightgown. With a ruffle or something. So next time I could completely destroy his life. He shuddered, yelled no, and started running to class.

Nice to have a parenting highlight at only 8 a.m. Maybe I can squeeze in another by bedtime.

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