Monday, June 20, 2005


Yes, I've been a slacker. A busy slacker. But a slacker all the same.

Actually, can you call someone who is busy a slacker? No? Well, then I've just been busy and bad at prioritizing. How's that?

What have I been busy with, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

Wait. You didn't ask? You don't care? Who's blog is this anyway? Mine. That's right. So I'm telling you anyway.

But first, an important announcement:

to all the DADS in my life!
Dad, Rich, Jeff
Hope you had a great one!

(Dad, I already sent your gift. Rich, you'll get your's next weekend when you come to visit. Jeff, well you know, you already got your's yesterday.)

On second thought, let's skip the busy-ness. Just know that I've been BUSY. But there is still much to do today. And today? Today is the 2nd to last official day of school. But tomorrow? Tomorrow I have to go into my 1st grader's class at 10am and participate in a Math thing. Then I have the privilege of bringing him home early. Early. Privilege. Who comes up with these ideas?

So, if you don't hear from me in the next week or so... know I have been killed by the children that are home all day and running free. EVERY day. RUNNING FREE.

The good news? The best news? I will be leaving home in just 5 days. FIVE DAYS. To fly. On a plane. By myself. To St. Louis. By myself. No children. Well, none that belong to me. And probably lots of people will be on the plane. But none I have to speak with or answer to or even respond to when they yell, cry, whine or speak. Alone. In the middle of many. YAY!

I shall bring my knitting and a book (or 10) and my camera. Oh, and clothes. I don't want to frighten the good people of St. Louis. I'm hoping to blog from St. Louis. And take care of my SIL and her new BABY.

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