Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Kindergarten Screening (2 years ago)

Going to screening yesterday reminded me of 2 years ago. When I took Dylan to screening it was a different day. A different kid. A different mood. A different experience.

He was excited. That was the same.

I was nervous. He has an October birthday. There was discussion at nursery school about whether or not he would be ready to go to kindergarten in the fall.

He didn't know his letters. He could barely write his name. He was difficult to motivate. He didn't like doing what he didn't want to do. He'd been known to tantrum (although only at home) and he was the most persistent person of any age I've ever met.

Well, now he reads really well for his age. He can write with the best first graders. His creative writing is amazing. As for the rest? All the same.

Everyone has told me it is because he is young. HA! It is him. He has been this way since birth. Now we need to work on finding ways to work with his being a pain in the ass trying to kill us idiosyncrasies.
But now to the real story...
A year ago I took Dylan to a birthday party for one of his friends. There I met another mother.
HER: "I remember you from kindergarten screening."
ME: Why the hell does she remember me? What happened to make her remember me a year later? Did Zach do something while we waited that was so inappropriate she never forgot? OMG, what happened? "Really. Um, I have a really bad memory." I am so socially inept
HER: "Yes, your hair was wet."
ME: WTF? "Oh."
HER: "It was in the afternoon."
ME: She's lucky I showered. "Yes, well... I had just showered. So... where is the birthday boy?"
What kind of person remembers something like that? What kind of person finds that so notable they remember? I can't remember IMPORTANT things. I don't notice when people I know get 10 inches cut off their hair. Why would you notice that?

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