Wednesday, June 1, 2005


It seems all this activity is taking its toll. I have actually napped the last 2 days. No really. It's true.

It's not that I've wanted to nap. Although I love me a good nap. But more of the can't keep my eyes open and am physically exhausted and useless and simply must lie down or I will just fall to the floor and sleep where I drop type of napping. Luckily the kids have been too busy to notice.

The orthodontist appt. went well. I thought it would be a quick in-and-out. How foolish of me. The one time I bring nothing to do. An hour and a half and 2 new brackets later we were out of there.

An hour home for lunch with Zach and Max and off we went to kindergarten screening. I brought my book. There were 2 moms I knew from preschool there. One was nervous since it is her oldest.

I felt a tad ridiculous because it seems I know most of the school. Every other person (at least) who walked by had a comment.

Adults: "Another one?" or "Last time for you." or "You've done this a few times."

Kids: "Hello Mrs. Davis." (eleventy million times until they were out of sight)

I did get to see both my kids. I also got a chance to find out Dylan was having his testing today. Have I mentioned he is being tested for some visual perception/processing thing? Well, if not (I'm too lazy to look right now) now you know. Not a huge deal but it might explain his difficulties in math. I'm interested in finding out the results.

As for his take on the whole thing...
They have a TRAMPOLINE in the room. He got to JUMP on it. He PLAYED games. He got ONE-ON-ONE attention. (He is an an attention wh*re) It was FUN. It was easy. He wants to go back. I think he'd move into the room with that teacher if they let him.

I'm thinking if he needs extra help/special services, there won't be a problem getting him to go.

Oh, and Zach... he did fine in the screening. Except he told them his birthday is October 4th. It's June 16th. He seemed distressed to get it wrong. I told him not to worry. So he isn't.

As for the house...
NOTHING. Much work to do. Little time. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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