Thursday, June 16, 2005

No More Weather, Really. After this Post.

So it's raining again. Yes, again. The good news is it is a soft, gentle rain. Not a hard, flooding rain. And the basement? NOT. LEAKING. YAY!

It's not dry either. But. NOT. LEAKING. YAY! Wait, I said that already.

Water situation? We now have HOT water. YAY!

My meds are still keeping me sane. YAY!

My son may not need therapy. YAY!

End of year activities are starting to slow down. Well, not quite, but the end is in sight. YAY!

My nursery school career? Over. YAY!

Many excuses to go out for ice cream at night. YAY!

Today's to-do list?
  • Bake cake.
  • Buy son gift.
  • Hand over nursery school stuff to sucka new registrar.
  • Nap.

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