Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Bad, the Worse, and Looking at the Bright Side

It has been one of those times in life where things just seem to keep getting worse and worse. Jeff and I have been stressed to the point of breaking. I just thank God for the medication or I would definitely be in a padded room somewhere.

I'm going to vent by listing the bad. Then I am going to list the good - or the 'at least it wasn't this' variety of counting our blessings.

You may not want to listen to the whine. If not, that is fine. Move on to the cute baby picture and news of my new nephew. If you don't mind or revel in this sort of thing... grab some cheese to enjoy with your whine.

The bad...
  • Decided lack of money.
  • Jeff's van needed big bucks to be fixed.
  • Jeff's van needed even more bigger bucks to be fixed.
  • Jeff's van needs even more big bucks to be fixed (we still don't have it back).
  • Time to buy a new car. (Have I mentioned lack of funds?)
Now on to yesterday's, send Heidi over the edge, drama...
  • Man with snake must come to clean out clogged sewer drain.
  • Thunder, lightning, rain, more rain, lots of rain and hail, high winds, and even more rain.
  • Yard floods. Several rivers form starting in the back of the yard and proceeding to the road in the front.
  • Basement floods for first time ever (in the 5 years we've lived here). Water is pouring into the basement in a rapid river/waterfall type way.
  • Four inches of water in basement.
  • Must clean out basement before mold forms.
  • Realize we must send 6 year old to a therapist for something that happened in the fall. We thought he was handling it. He's not.
The 'things could be worse' list...
  • Jeff has a vehicle to drive while van is being fixed.
  • Sewer drain is unclogged.
  • No lightning hit house or surrounding trees.
  • Water drained from yard.
  • Water drained from basement on own.
  • Basement was flooded with RAIN water not SEWER water. YAY!
  • Found the quickest way to clean out your basement. Flood.
  • I have a husband to do the dirty work.
  • Basement is drying.
  • Found out son needs therapist now. Talk with son and husband went well.
The REAL good stuff...
  • New nephew.
  • Mom and son healthy.
  • Got feedback from a photo buyer on photos.
  • She liked my stuff. Gave me direction for new career.
  • Got a new idea for a kid's book. (been a LONG time)
See, things can always get worse. I'm ready for more good things now. Anyone want to throw a bit more happiness my way?

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