Sunday, June 12, 2005

Welcome to the Rainforest

We apparently moved to the rainforest when I wasn't looking.

The air is liquid. The storms have stormed 3x's in 3 days. The basement has flooded 3x's in 3 days.

The good news is it may not be a huge problem with the basement as nearly everyone on the street has had a flooded basement repeatedly in the last few days.

They say it is the huge amounts of water in short amounts of time.

I'm glad I haven't done any landscaping this year as the rain has been doing quite a bit of it's own. It's having particular fun forming new rivers and relocating dirt.

A walk around the block with Max garnered many looks at hot firemen and some burly Water & Sewer guys. They are all over our street. Seems almost the whole village is flooded. Have I mentioned the hot firemen? Doing manly things in big boots? Looking hot.

On one last note...
All this water and no shower available. Unless you want frigid rain water to bathe in. Seems the pilot on the hot water heater went out. And I am NOT calling a plumber on a Sunday unless my house is floating away. Wait, it almost did. I mean unless it is floating away and the plumber can fix it.

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