Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Where is Your Ark?

I think it's time to start building an ark. The rains just keep coming. And Mother Nature is entertaining herself with sun, liquid air, and then Crash! Bang! Lights! Cue the floods!

Every day we have endured at least one major storm. Every day I see my neighbors pumping their basements. Everyday the fire trucks are parked on the street aiding the worst of the flooded. Today is day 5. FIVE.

The good news is... the air has cooled. YAY! And our basement keeps draining. YAY! And the plumber fixed the hot water heater. YAY!

The bad news... no pictures of hot firemen. Sorry. Maybe later today if I get a chance. (It looks like I will. We're expecting 2 more days of this weather.)

On another note, last night was a perfect example of why 4 children is too many. Unless you have 4 adults in the house or can clone yourself. Or, of course, if you can be in more than one place at a time.

Tyler was in a play at 7 o'clock. Zach was graduating preschool at 7 o'clock. Alex had a baseball game at 6 o'clock.

Thank you Mother Nature. The game was cancelled. Mother Nature was busy flooding roads and basements and starting fires with lightning at the appointed hour.

So Dad, Alex and Aunt Rachael went to the play. Dad videotaped.

Dylan, Grandpa & I went to graduation. I photographed.

We all went out for ice cream after. (Mother Nature was kind enough to spare the ice cream shop in her floods. Thank you!)

So we are damp, tired, and there are only 5 days left of school. Just waiting for the weeping to commence. (My weeping that is.)

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