Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hazy Days of Summer

First, I will admit there was yelling. Did you really think we could make it through a whole day with no yelling? I thought you knew me well enough to figure that one out. But it was minimal. And there were no tears. So YAY! for summer vacation.

Second, yesterday? Wonderful. What summer is all about. The first day that has seemed like summer and it is already mid-July. Took long enough!

There was baseball camp. There was an orthodontist appointment. There was grocery shopping and lawn mowing. There was also tennis and swimming. And let's not forget dinner and a movie in an air conditioned room. It was lovely, if not busy.

Today should be lovelier. Baseball camp and soccer. Not a whole lot else. YAY for summer!

Have I mentioned it is just me and 3 kids? No? It is. Jeff took Dylan to cub scout camp. I miss them but things are much more relaxed without the tantrums and difficulty of my third child. Why is he so PERSISTENT? And by persistent I mean unbending and tantruming and a big pain in the ass. Of course he is also loving and sweet and adorable. But life is so relaxed right now - I'm enjoying it.

Also, good news! Before he left, Dylan finished his first chapter book all on his own. So cute in his glasses, reading to himself and being excited about it. It took him 3 or 4 days. Now he wants more and more chapter books. I LOVE this! 3 readers down - one to go.

In other news... my nephew has come to vist. Hopped on a plane and winged his way here all on his own. No, not really. His mom and dad and uncle drove out here. Uncle and dad have left already and my nephew and his mom are still visiting. His babiness! So. Cute. So. Little. Oh, and it's great to have his mom here too. Have I mentioned I'm psyched to be an aunt? (HEAR THIS LITTLE BROTHER. I LIKE BEING AN AUNT. GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR!)

Speaking of which, anyone looking for a single, 31 year-old, good-looking guy with a kick-ass job? He seems to like kids (mine anyway) and although I'm sure he won't go for having four he may be interested in one or two. Also? He's totally ready to buy a house. BTW, he lives in the Boston area. He majored in philosophy (he is smart!) although he is lacking in basic calendar skills. All inquiries may be directed towards me*. Start lining up girls!

*Note to Mike: See what you have forced me to do? This is all your fault. The time has come...

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