Thursday, July 14, 2005

More Randomness

I had all these things to write about and when I opened the page... they all flew from my mind and out into the yard. And so far? I've been unsuccessful at capturing them. All of the chasing and leaping about the yard has only caused me to break a sweat (because it is still unbearably HOT here). BTW, does anyone know a place where the weather is 60's-70's (F) all year? Because, I'm there. 90 degree weather just can not be healthy.

In other news...

Busy day today. Baseball camp, flute lesson, doctor's appt, soccer game and Dylan and Jeff are coming home sometime this afternoon. Expect craziness to ensue.

I spent yesterday redesigning my website. What you ask? It looks the same to me... not my blog, my website. You can still link to everything from here but you can't link to here from anywhere else. Trying to be professional and all. *cough, cough, choke, hack* I said trying.

Let me know what you think.

Two days until my next and last (for the summer) arts festival. Let's hope all goes well. Maybe. Please?

After that I will decide if I want to keep doing the festival booth thing. I'm not sure as of right now. I may try more fine art oriented festivals. The only problem there is they are more expensive to enter. That and I'll need to invest in a tent/canopy thing if I decide to keep doing this. More $ out. I'm sure this will go over just wonderfully with the husband.

As for my call for potential mates for my brother... still taking applications. I see he hasn't read my blog yet. (I haven't heard from him regarding this.) Until that day comes, I will be mentioning and referring to the original post every day. Be warned.

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