Friday, July 8, 2005

I'm All Wet

The thunder. The lightning. The rain. And more rain.

Today is my first craft show.

I don't have a tent.

And the rains came.

And I am tired. Oh, so tired as I stayed up v. late putting together the new photos. So I could NOT sell them today. Because of the rains. And a lack of protection from the rain.

Now I want a nap. I want to weep. The tiredness and lack of sales makes me want to weep.

I'm thinking this whole 'photos for sale' thing was a big, expensive mistake. And I am afraid. Afraid I spent a bunch of money we don't have to try to improve our lives. But it is not to be. And again... Failure.

(This is third attempt at a new career since I've been married. It is the third time I have failed. It is the third time I have lost more money than we can afford. Anyone have a hole for me to climb in?)

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