Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I feel like I'm running a race and I keep wanting to just take a break and enjoy but it is not to be.

Driving the kids from point A to point B and back and then to Point C or D or even E or F I see things I want to stop and photograph. But there is NO. TIME. We must HURRY. We are LATE.

What ever happened to the lazy days of summer?

I realize a good part of it is my fault. I did schedule them more this summer than any other. Mostly because when the kids are left to their own devices for too long they start to attack each other. And when they attack I want to lock them all in their rooms and throw away the keys.

Right now I keep hearing how summer is suppose to be FUN. And if they must do chores, it is not FUN. And why can't we go to expensive amusement parks. Why can't I let them play video games or computer games ALL DAY. Why must they get dressed or eat or brush their teeth. Why am I such a MEAN MOTHER? I am apparently no fun at all. God, all the getting dressed and eating! What am I thinking?

In other news, it has been suggested to me that I look into galleries in the area for my photographs. Galleries! I really never thought. I'm not sure it could or will happen but I'm looking. Seeing what is out there. Looking into my options.

As for more festivals... I'd love to do an indoor one late in the fall. I just have to find one. The major problem is the festivals I've been told to look into for next year (& this winter) are VERY expensive to get into. Most even have a juror fee. Which means I must pay them to decide if they want my work. If they don't I don't get it back. If they do I must then pay MORE to have a space.

The fees range from $175-$300. Most leaning toward the $300 mark. I can't imagine where I would find such money. And even if I did... what if I didn't make table? (for an explanation of table, read this) That's an awful lot of money to earn out.

The good news is I did make table last weekend. In fact, I made enough to cover the loss from the weekend before. The sad news is I sold more bracelets than photographs. The 'at least there is a positive' news is I made enough from the bracelet sales to help cover the fees.

Off to do more research and yell at the children to GET DRESSED. EAT BREAKFAST. DO YOUR F-ING CHORES or NO computer or swimming or FUN!

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