Friday, July 15, 2005

Yet More Randomness

First, you have all been v. quiet lately. Not many comments. Let me rephrase that... NO comments. Comment people. Are you still there?

Second, I'm taking the kids swimming. They are driving me INSANE.

Third, I got offered a job today. YAY! 7 hours a week. For about 25 weeks a year.

I'm going to be a...


librarian. Mostly for kids in grades K-3. At the temple we belong to. The temple. Have I mentioned I'm not all that knowledgeable about the Jewish religion? My kids know more than I. Well, guess it's a great time to learn.

Also, I'll be putting in suggestions for acquisitions. So, if any of you know of a wonderful new book coming out for kids that deals with the Jewish religion or a specific holiday - drop me an e-mail and I'll look into putting on my list. First thing will be getting into the library and seeing what we have. (I've never set foot in the library there.)

And lastly, my brother...

You can read the original post here.

I need to hear from you single ladies. Even if you're not single... if you know someone who is. Drop me a comment. Still no comment from him. Either he hasn't read this yet or he secretly likes the idea of me mate-hunting for him. We may never know.

As for his handsome self...


Now let's hear from you all!

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