Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Still no napping to be had...

Update on Tyler's broken finger:
He must keep it in a splint for a minimum of 2 weeks. That means no gymnastics. And although I know he loves it? Makes me give a little 'HURRAY!' for less activities to attend and plan for. In 2 weeks we go back and re-evaluate the finger.

This week has been a whirlwind of accomplishment. I've gotten so much done.

Until today.

Today? Nothing. I am sad (not feeling sad, I guess I should say, I'm pathetic). I'm also caught up on all my blog reading and other various web based activities I have been putting off. I even caught up on a few of the e-mails I owe. Although, to be honest? Still have lots more to do.

And tomorrow? I'm off to run errands.

The dog shall be groomed! The groceries bought! Office supplies licked sniffed fondled purchased! Things returned... etc, etc, so on and so forth.

Did I mention the office supplies? Do you understand that means a trip to Office Max? Where they sell office supplies? Like paper? And pens? And folders, binders, staplers, hole punchers, pencils, POST-IT notes!!! There is more too. So much more. Ahhhh... heaven.

Sorry about that. I love me some office supplies.

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