Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Real Post?

I know you all deserve a real post. And I really want to write one. I'm just not sure I have it in me right now. My mind has been swirling with thoughts. Things to-do, places to-go, things to-remember. So many things to remember. So many lists floating around the house and my purse.

I forget each year how busy September is. Not only is there lots of school stuff - meetings, papers to fill out, routines to acclimate to - but all the things I put off all summer - doctors' appointments, dog grooming appointments, cleaning, work. Then we must add all the extras - new job, new computer, broken finger (not mine, Tyler's). The list seems never ending.

Every time I think I'm caught up something else is thrown my way.

But such is life. And I do love it. Even though there are times I want to throw the blankets over my head and not emerge from bed. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!

So I've been prioritizing. Something I am only good at in theory. Do what needs to be done now and put the rest off until later. Needless to say, the house? Scary.

So meetings have been attended. Work has been done. Appointments kept. And new crisises met with a calm, if not resigned, manner. All is good.

I think. But what about the renovations on the house? What about your photographic work? What about the abomination you call your house? What about the fact you NEED A NEW ROOF and have no money to finance it? What about checking the children's homework - each and every page and problem, not just glancing to make sure it's done? What about the naps you promised yourself? The party in celebration of your new freedom?

HA! None of that is happening. And from the looks of my lists... none of it will be done soon.

Except? Today is dark and gray and rainy. And Tyler's doctor's appointment to check his broken finger isn't until 1:45. And the littles should be on the bus by 8:55. So maybe I'll take that nap after all.

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