Thursday, September 1, 2005

Still waiting...

Only seven more days until school starts. SEVEN. I hope I last that long. Or rather they last that long. They are once again trying to off each other. Annoying at best. SEVEN MORE DAYS...

I've been working. Yay! Things are moving along and I'm learning.

The computer front...
My brother has not sent a new hard drive as promised. Can't say I'm surprised. He tends to get busy and forget things. Can't blame him either.

I won a computer set up this summer. Yes, it's true. And amazing. And I really haven't been able to believe it. I kept saying I would when I saw it. Well, it arrived 2 days ago but something is wrong with the spot you plug the keyboard in. So, after a long call to customer service, I must now... *weeps* send it back. Whaaaaa!

Fed Ex is suppose to show tomorrow and pick the tower up. I'm hoping the thing comes back SOON. I really can't wait. My withdrawl is waning but I have so much to do and borrowing computers is such a pain for all involved.

So - to sum up...
  • Still beg, borrowing & stealing computers.
  • Kids are trying to kill each other (and me).
  • New job going well so far. (although I have not had to interact with the kids yet.)
  • Vacation to Long Island rocked.
Must go home now and strap children to beds.

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