Thursday, October 20, 2005

Still a Geek

As I watched Boston Legal Tuesday night I was hoping for a lawyer like the one James Spader plays on TV to be part of the case. Of course, that didn't happen. But what fun if it would have.

Still, my geekiness showed itself when I was actually interested in the whole jury selection process. The questions they asked. The questionnaire you fill out. The people they did vs didn't pick. The sheer amount of time it takes to do all that. My God, the time!

I'm actually sad to say I was not chosen. Not even picked from the proverbial hat to be questioned. I wonder what they would have asked me. I wonder what random answer they would pounce on to question me further.

I also am sad to say that there does not seem to be much hope for the defendant. His lawyer reminded me of a limp fish. The prosecutor was gregarious and funny. And although I hope the facts of the case prevail (not sure if he should be found guilty or not) I never want that lawyer on my side. I'm not sure he could convince a child to eat chocolate.

In closing... after 6.5 hours, 42 interviews, 2 - 15 minute breaks, 1 - hour & 15 minute lunch break, 7 black belt Sudoku puzzles, and about 25 pages of my book a jury of 12 and 2 alternates was chosen. Then I got to go home.

Case closed.

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