Friday, October 21, 2005

The Dizziness - Make it STOP

I may have mentioned once or twice or 10,000 times that I started taking Lexapro last fall. I was in a deep depression and any and all side-effects were welcome if the drugs could just make me more me again.

Well, they did. And I felt better. I started therapy. And I felt even better. Then I was myself when my dose was increased.

So yay me!

Now my therapist has deemed me sane and stable. I'm me again.

So of course, I've fucked it all up.

I forgot to take my little pill of light for 2 days. And I felt fine. I felt great. I was still me.

No panic, no depression. Just walks with the dog and chores around the house and life, beautiful life.

So I decided to stop taking them. Permanently.

No weaning (I know you are suppose to but I'd already been off them for 2 days). No gradual decrease. I was off them and fine.

And now?

Not so fine. Mentally still me. Physically...

Help me!

The dizziness, the nausea, the numbness of the face. NOT GOING AWAY. It has been 4 days. I'm afraid to drive. The dizziness makes me nauseous. I need to lay down.

Today I finally found that this is caused by withdrawal from the Lexapro. Any suggestions?

**EDITED TO ADD: I spoke to the doctor's office. I need to start taking a 1/2 dose for 10 days. That will HOPEFULLY stop the dizziness. HOPEFULLY... let's hope!

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