Saturday, November 26, 2005

More from me...

I'm apparently going through blogging withdrawal. I have so much to say. I must post again.

This time I must tell you about a wondrous gift that made my holiday cleaning (aka Quick, people are coming over - DO SOMETHING!) oh so much easier. It was a gift from Katheryn from MS&L (the Swiffer people). Seems she read my rave about the Carpetflick and wanted to thank me by sending some refills. She happened to ask if their were any other products I was interested in trying and well, **cough, cough** there was one I've been dying to try.

So Tuesday I get a lovely package delivered to my door. Inside are refills! and a new Sweep & Vac. Oh, how I love the Sweep & Vac.

It is the original Swiffer, with a little vacuum. So, when you Swiffer up the dust and end up with a pile of crap Perler beads, sticks, paper scraps from the kids and a pair of scissors, dirt, and various other stuff there is no need to fetch the broom and dust pan. Or the dust buster. (Not that I have one anymore. Damn thing died. Probably from excessive use.) You just push a button and it sucks up the pile.

So now? No need for a new Dust Buster. Between my Sweep & Vac and CarpetFlick, I've got it covered. The kids? Still fighting over wanting to use them both. But they're MINE. ALL. MINE. Back away from the Swiffer products.

The sad thing is, I now own EVERY Swiffer product. And, I love them all. I almost don't mind cleaning. (Yes, I said almost. If I could I'd hire a cleaning lady. But again, Back away from my Swiffer products.)

I do have to be honest and say I had trouble with one thing while using my new Sweep & Vac... Unlike the original, you can't get under the furniture because the vacuum part is too big. BUT! I'm so ingenious that it is not a problem any longer... I just picked up my extended handle duster which was nearby (I was cleaning for company) and used that to get under the furniture. Then I just vacuumed up the pile. So really, no real problem.

Now that I sound like a total sell-out, product whore and an advertisement for Swiffer, I must say - too bad! I love my new Sweep & Vac. LOVE IT! So just back away and no one will get hurt.

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