Monday, November 28, 2005

Throw Away Society

Ah, Carmi mentioned something in the comments of the last post that I've been planning on writing about - the fact that today there are so many products out there that we just use and toss away - and then buy some more.

As you can see from the last post there are areas that I'm all for this type of thing. The quick clean up is one of them. Especially when it involves things I have a tendency not to keep up on.

Now for the big but... BUT, some items seem just silly to use and toss and replace. I should qualify that by saying, in OUR home some of these products are just plain impractical.

The toss away toilet brush. Not working out for me. Yes, I tried it. But, no, I wasn't thrilled with it. Yes, it cleaned the toilet. But I have 2 toilets and 4 young boys. So really not convenient or economically sound.

Some of you may recall that I use a cleaning product with Teflon to keep the toilets clean longer. Does it work? I say yes. With the disposable stuff? They seem to need cleaning much more often (2x's a week or more vs. once). If I have to clean the toilets at least twice a week and the refills for the brush come in a pack of like 6 that would last me less than 2 weeks. Not economical and frankly, just plain annoying and gross if I don't get to it.

Another disposable product I just can't see the need for? The dish washing cloth with soap in it. I can only guess it was aimed at single people who eat out a lot. What family would find it economical or even practical? They say it makes your life simpler but how hard is it to squirt some dish washing liquid onto a cloth or sponge?

So, in closing, I'd say I still use the Swiffer products. I still love them for "between" cleanings (carpet) or the more rare cleanings (non-carpeted floors, dusting). As for the other disposable cleaning products? Not for me.

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