Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rudolf is Behind

Actually, the nose is fading so no more Rudolf. Also, the meals have been cooked and enjoyed and the house actually got clean (well, at least the downstairs). My cold is receding.

All of this is very good because I am so behind in the business of life and preparing for the next round of holidays that I need the energy to start digging in and making a dent.

**NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT leave everything until the last minute. You may become ill and unable to fulfill your parenting/hosting duties.

One of the first things I must do is enter all my addresses because they are GONE. ALL. GONE. You may recall The Great Loss of 2005? Well, no, I didn't have my contacts backed up. So, that means I have NO addresses. NO e-mail addresses (unless you've e-mailed me since). NONE.

This means I can't print out my address labels for the holiday cards. The holiday cards I haven't started thinking about any more than the abstract "must start holiday cards" way. The last several years I have done those annoying family newsletters. Well, annoying to my husband and most men I know. BUT, to the friends and family we never see or talk to? They are nice. Or so I like to believe anyway.

Last year I did the old standby printed photo card. I was tired of the flack of the annoyed ones and honestly... not much to report on. But this year, this year many things have happened. Also, I'm now receiving complaints about the lack of newsletter. Actual complaints. And not just from family. More from friends we don't see much. One from a guy my husband grew up with. A guy. Who is single. Who has no children. Seems he's kept the ones from the past and was not pleased he didn't get one last year.

So in closing... must start holiday newsletter. And shopping, address entry (PLEASE, if you usually get a card and are not related to me? SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS!!! Better yet, e-mail it to me. I've lost it.) and many other life/holiday related things.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned... I'm thankful for my family, friends, health of everyone and you, the peoples of the internets. Not to mention, having one holiday down and only a monthful of celebrations to go.

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