Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Santa Is Coming

He is on his way to pick me up for training. At least I think that is what all this snow means.

Snow! I know it's by no means early for the snow but the amount is surprising. The fact it is STILL snowing has shocked my snot-filled head. Or maybe I'm surprised for no reason at all other than the fact that my brain is addled from the stuffiness and unable to comprehend much of anything.

All I can say is Santa must be on his way. I just hope he gets here soon. The list of things to do before tomorrow is as long as the children's wish lists. If I'm not here no one can expect the house to be cleaned and the food to be prepared. Of course I might die in transit. The pressure of snot and flying is not a great combination.

The good news is I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner until Friday. But we will not be home most of tomorrow so there will be no time to clean. And the cooking I must do - must be done for dinner tomorrow.

This is not a cleaning session I can skip either. I'm sure my family would understand but they will be frightened of the dust bunnies. They've reached new heights. (I actually mean tall here!) At least there will be lots of food to appease them with. Do you think the dust bunnies will leave the guests alone if we offer up the dinner?

Let's not even get into the state of the bathroom. It really needs to be sterilized from top to bottom. You may remember the stomach flu that has been whipping through the house the last couple of weeks. That's all I shall say on that matter.

If I don't show for the next couple of days just know I'm dead. My obituary from last year will probably be suitable.

** Warning:
Do not read right before eating.
Contains many disturbing images.
Really, I'm not kidding about the eating thing.
Unless you don't want to eat too much during the holidays.
Then go for it! **

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