Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Moon is Waning

The days, they are getting better. The chores are getting done. The mom has not been able to leave the house as the children have been passing around the stomach bug. Yay. Not.

But! The last child is on the mend. AND, he made it to the toilet EVERY TIME he puked yesterday. So... YAY! And back to school for him tomorrow.

Now, the oldest of the clan is ill. Yes, my husband. It's his first sick day in something like TWO YEARS. TWO. YEARS. Amazing to me. But, I have duct taped him to the bed convinced him to stay home and cancel his appointments. I'm thinking his clients and co-workers should send me some chocolate in thanks. Really, would you want to meet with someone with the stomach flu? Not I.

The best part? Now that he is home sick with the mending child? I can go out. I can go out to lunch with his mom and pick up her purchased antiques. She says it will be dull, just a long car trip and some lunch. I say there will be no children. No vomiting (we hope). No children. Or sick husbands. So YAY! for Nana.

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