Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The shopping?
A dent has been made. A big dent.

The decorating?
I took down another Halloween decoration. Good, right?

The weather?
Rain, rain, more rain, possible flooding and wind. Lots of strong wind. Snow to come. The dog won't even go out.

The status of trying to get the album I downloaded onto my computer?
Unknown. I'm still a moron.

Cooking. Doing much better than yesterday. Yesterday was Mickey-D's.

The pot from yesterday?
Unknown. Still haven't gotten it clean. Tried. But not finished.

The children?
Home and playing legos. Together. With no fighting. Yet.

On track and still fun.

My photography?
Do I own a camera? It's somewhere I'm sure.

Holiday newsletter?
One last picture needed. Of the 4 boys together. HA! They may never go out.

Still don't have them. You want a newsletter? Send me your address. This includes family and in-person friends.

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