Thursday, December 1, 2005

I'm In Pain

I'm having a bit of pain in the lower back today. I noticed it two nights ago when it woke me from my sleep. It seemed to be better during the day yesterday but by last night it was screaming at me again. This morning, after my back pulled me from sleep several times, I realized it was not my back in the way we think of back pain. Not muscle pain or spinal pain but different. And I started thinking… kidneys?

So to check and see if my kidneys are indeed where I thought them to be - because let’s face it, I never did all that well in biology and that was many, many years ago – I hunted down Dylan’s model of the human body. Well, to be truthful it’s a model of the head and torso, apparently the arms and legs are not all that important. BUT! For my needs this is fine. I then hunt down the little cards you stick in the back that light up the corresponding part and Whala! location of organ.


Except, there is no card for kidneys. There is one for the brain and one for the liver. The stomach and the heart have cards. Even the SMALL INTESTINE has a card. Why does the small intestine get a card and not the kidneys? Why? I ask.

So on to Google…

Okay, I was totally right. I had the location and appearance and function correct. YAY me! I must mention that they FEEL much larger than 4in beans when they hurt.

**SIDE NOTE: Dear Mrs. A – I totally deserved an A in Biology. Sincerely, MoMMY**

**ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: So what if all you people out there in internet land already knew about kidneys. I was right too!**

Now I must ask WHY do they both hurt? And who has been punching me repeatedly in them? I drank a lot of water yesterday and with all the cranberries I ate over the holidays they should be lovely and clean. (The cranberry relish I make is the best thing EVER!) 

So my question to you, fine friends of the internet… should I call the doctor or wait?

**ONE LAST SIDE NOTE: This is to get me back for canceling a doctor’s appointment I had on Tuesday. Ever see an appointment with the doctor on your calendar and not know why you are suppose to be going? Well, happens to me all the time. So I cancelled it because I felt fine. FINE I tell you.**

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